KS LASER - our laser service

laser welding service…

Based on nearly 40 years of experience in jewelry manufacturing and 15 years of using laser technology, we are able to offer:

    Laserservice - Klein & Schütz Juwellery Manufacturer
  • short run times
  • handling of high volume orders and small batch series
  • experienced and trained staff
  • latest laser technology
  • expert advice

…for customers of diverse industries

We are offering laser welding service for example for companies of the jewelry industry, high-precision technology, medical technology and dental technology as well as for every customer who needs high-precision welding of small metal parts.

…with best results

Laserservice - Klein & Schütz Juwellery ManufacturerWe are specialized in laser welding of difficult metals like Stainless Steel or Titanium. Nearly all kind of metals can be connected with laser spot-welding or laser seam welding, even metals with a very high melting point can be put together smoothly.

Unlike conventional soldering and welding technologies, laser beam welding is not only much faster and more precise, it also produces best results without any stains of soot or oxide.

Call us, we are your perfect partner for laser welding!